Clearing the air

This was where I was going to share my views on politics and life, but things have changed and I will no longer be writing for the Up North Journal.  So, there is now no reason to write two blogs so I will be writing information and experiences in the outdoors here too.

Yes, it’s true, I am not a member of the Up North Journal Staff anymore, contracts were up and I decided not to sign.

The decision I made was right for me and The Up North Journal.  UNJ will be fine without me, they have some very talented people with the drive and passion that needs that machine to run.

Mike Sr. and Jr. for that matter are among my dearest friends, I will continue to be close friends with the guys and wish them nothing but the best. I learned alot over the past year.

If I have introduced you to the Up North Journal please still visit them often. They will continue to give you great information on their blogs, podcasts and vidcasts.

I will be working for a team called Outdoor Maniacs. I am looking really forward to working with these guys. I am also going to do some freelance work with some outdoor groups. I will be testing, blogging and filming for different people and companies. Stay tuned, I am only scratching the surface of 2010.

You see I am kind of a simple man.

 I’ll be either in the woods, at church, work, spending time with my beautiful wife or shooting my bow.  If I have a full belly, my family, friends, and a cup of coffee I’ll be happy, maybe a camera and a camcorder too…

About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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1 Response to Clearing the air

  1. outdoormaniacs says:

    Cant wait to read more matt!!! and i look forward to working with you as well!! keep up the good work!

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