There’s a new sheriff in town…

Hey all you Mid Michigan arrowheads if you haven’t heard there is a new archery shop in town. Let me do a little review…

I recently wanted to get some flu flu arrows I called all the shops in town, nobody had any, when I called one shop and the owner said ” No,  but I order some and let you know when they are in.”

 I think I just switched bow shops!

Matt Brown who has been making his own strings for a number of years in Gaines Michigan has opened up an archery shop on 1520 Seymour Rd. , he called it called Bearfoot Archery.

He is playing it real smart, keeping his overhead low and bringing  in quality equipment at a decent cost.   Matt isn’t a sales person, he will tell you what is what and sell you what you need. I know that sounds weird but it’s the truth.

He also knows his stuff, but can talk to people that are just entering the sport. I seen him deal with some beginners that had some questions, he took the time to talk to them and make them feel comfortable, kind of a lost art.  They walked out with nothing, he isn’t  like  most “pro” shops, most of them are impatient and are interested in making money by selling to people the most expensive bow because a celeberity shoots it, not what they need.

He also has a 20 yard indoor range a couple tables where you can hang out at. Everytime I go up there I spend at least a couple of hours talking to Matt and people that are just up there,  hanging out.  I talked to a guy that enjoyed Steve’s video on Michigan Out of Doors, I told him that I was a part of his Outdoor Maniac’s team, he was eager to go look us up on the web (  If you want to find Rocky from Compass, chances are he is up there. 

Matt isn’t out to make alot of money, he opened his own shop because he loves the sport and is passionate.

Stop by and see him, he still needs to make his house payment, you won’t be sorry.

Here is the website

Oh, I guess I need to do a rating on my review…Bearfoot is a bullseye!

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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