Rain, rain….

Man, turkey season is starting to be a wash litterly! I am writing this right now with flood warnings in my area. It was rained on 2 of my turkey hunts. I have been seeing turkeys when I have been out.  I have a new spot, that I can only bow hunt. it is a small area but is loaded with turkey. I have   seen turkey every time I have been out but with filming and the neighbors I didn’t get a shot. 

The 1st time I took the land owner out and gave them a crash course in filming and what to expect when filming. We didn’t see or heard anything. We packed up and headed toward the house and there was a nice tom about 30 yards away. I would’ve got a shot off but with a rookie cameraman and hunter he busted us and was out of range in no time. The 2nd time I was out someone was mowing their lawn. It was a ways a way but I decided to look out the opposite way of where he was mowing. 10 minutes after the neighbors quit mowing a tom arrived, right where I thought he would come out. Could get the camera around fast enough, so I let him walk.

I’m not complaining at all, just a little nervous. The deeper you go into season the harder it is to calling them in then turkey season turns into deer season, poultry style.

Yesterday, Ron Eaton from Taggin Out hunting tagged along with me. we heard more hens than toms, we seen everything but a long beard. We had a hen within 3 feet of us but no males were around. It was fun but no thanksgiving meat.

So there is my mid-season report card. Stay tuned they’re out there, I just havta get them to be not so camera-shy.

About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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