Strong like bull!

I really enjoy hanging out and talking to my fellow stick slingers but it cracks me up when the pulling weight issue comes up. Guys in particular like pulling lots of draw weight. It makes us feel strong. However, it can do damage both physical and to the melon. Maybe you can pull back 100 pounds one time if you grit your teeth, grunt a few times and hold your breath. Trying to pull back 100 pounds when it is 30 degrees outside, 20 feet up in a tree and a 12 point buck is standing broadside at 25 yards is another story altogether.
Pulling lots of draw weight can cause physical problems such as a torn rotator cuff. When you pull back alot of weight your sight window floats more and you are prone to trigger punch which will lead to target panic, pretty soon you are in the archery shirink’ s office wondering what is wrong. Today’s fast bows pump out enough speed and kinetic energy that 55 pounds is enough weight to take down deer. Less draw weight is easier to hold for longer periods of time and easier to keep steady when aiming and increasing your confidence. The rule of thumb, or trigger finger is if you can’t pull your bow straight back while sitting down, you are pulling too much weight.
If you have to raise the bow (A BIG PET PEAVE of mine) to reach the let off point, it is time to decrease the draw weight a few pounds. Don’t let your ego get in the way of the buck of a lifetime or get yourself hurt a couple days before your hunt. Do what your mom told you when you were a teenager and turn it down, the poundage on your bow that is!

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