Changes are Coming!

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” ~ Winston Churchill

Things are changing, I believe change is a good thing, growing pains are sometimes hard but must move upward, but it always for the better.

Everyone knows I have been hinting on changes and was putting secret codes up on twitter and facebook, well TODAY is the day!

With that said I want to make a announcement. I put together a team, more like a gang of outdoorsman that I am excited and honored to be a part of.

We are calling ourselves D.I.R.T.

No, we are not a off road team or a landscaping company, it means Dinner Is Right There.

The team was formed for a couple of reasons. One I know alot of guys who have alot of talent and insight on the outdoors and I want to have them share why they do and what they do to try to help other hunters and fisherman to become better. They are on the team because of their talent and passion in the outdoors, everyone of them  has a passion for hunting, archery, guns etc… That is the one and only reason they are on the team.

Compass is still around but with me filming and blogging it was getting rough trying to define what Compass was, this way Compass will be better defined.

The last reason is I want this simple I want to bring a product to the internet that is fun, entertaining, sometimes goofy, honest, and educational with a bunch of opinions so someone can make up their own mind on how they can make themselves better.

I call it educainment.

 If everyone has the same opinion in the clan, you are only getting one slice, we are going to give you the whole pie!

We are in the process of making a new website, making it so you, the outdoorsman, can have a different aspect of things, from products, companies, techniques, the list goes on and on…

Yes we also will be filming hunts but not only that we will be doing more giving you the whole insight, tips and process of what a blue collar hunter goes through on their passion with the outdoors.

At our 1st meeting  I wish we could have recorded it, after I gave my speech, I know I had the right guys from the opinions, to the ribbing and jokes I knew I had the right crew.

You will know about the team soon enough I will introduce them to you shortly. The WHOLE team walks the walk, no watercooler hunters here, they will be out in the woods, ponds, lakes, ranges, fields or on the computer sharing what they are doing or about to do.

So everyone I have one last thing to say; Buckle up and get a towel…things are about to get D.I.R.T. Y!

I will let you know when the website is up and running, my next blog I will tell you who and why I choose each member for the team,


About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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