Ruttin’ Review…Silver Scent Vanish Laundry Ball

I admit it…I am a scent freak, does it help? I don’t know but if it gets me one little edge on the game it’s well worth it.

I wash my clothes everytime I go into the woods, it’s alot of work but I feel I need to be smelling next to nothing to help my chances.

The other day, I took out my clothes from a scent free bag and begin to wash them, I noticed that I didn’t wash my bibs the last time I was out. I noticed some blood on the back of them from the turkey I killed…thats gonna leave a stain. My wife makes fun of me because how meticulous I am when I wash my clothes for hunting. She teases me that I need a haz mat suit and tongs. Then I noticed I was out of laundry detergant…UGH!
12 more dollars!
So, I ventured up to a store and there was only 1 cashier in a big box store…They don’t want my business so I left and went across the street to a local pro shop, little more expensive but I am sure that they would appreciate my money.
I went in and started to look around…there was so many choices, most of them I used, they all seem to work…which one? So I decided brand X over y and z and went to the counter.
I gave him the soap and looked on the counter and there was a box that said Vanish Laundry Ball. HMMMM…. I need to check this little guy out before I make a purchase.
This is what was written on the box,
Its simple. There isn’t another product like it in the outdoor market. The all-new Vanish Laundry Ball contains natural ceramics which emit negative ions weakening the adherence of soil on fabrics so that garments can easily be cleaned. with a pH level of approximately 10, these natural ceramics are equivalent to standard laundry detergent with regards to its ability to treat grease, as well as organic and chemical stains efficiently. Most importantly to the hunter, the Vanish Laundry Ball contains antibacterial properties which eliminate organic and non-organic odors along with harmful pathogens and germs. In addition, there are no UV brighteners leaving your camo colors un-faded hunt after hunt. With a life expectancy of over 1000+ washes, you’ll capture your return on investment in 1 season!

So I decided to buy it, I like to kill bucks and I like saving bucks in my wallet too, I know Silver Scent is a quality company so, wht not?

I came home put it the washer AFTER I put a couple of towels and baking soda in there to get rid of any soap residue and washed my clothes with the Vanish Laundry Ball. I was excited to see what it would do. The cycle ended and went to see what it could do. I couldn’t smell anything, some of the soaps I could smell a little scent, not this one. it smelled like…nothing! Oh, and that blood stain, GONE!!!! That’s pretty amazing a blood stain 5 months old was removed, and there wasn’t any smell at all not even the smell of water.

You can just leave this in the washer, or if you want to keep it just for your hunting clothes and don’t care if your your regular clothes smell like flowers and have stains in them then you can just put it up in cupboard. Nothing special…simple and effective, just the way I like it.

There are alot of gimmicks out there and they’re alot of products that change our lives. This product will change our lives I believe this will change the way we do laundry period.

Please check out the Silver Scent’s web site, check out all the products, by the way Silver Scent has a stamp of approval from the FDA! Can you say that to your scent prevention company????

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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4 Responses to Ruttin’ Review…Silver Scent Vanish Laundry Ball

  1. Matt says:

    yes they work and we have them in stock at Bear Foot Archery

  2. Bud says:

    Hey,that sounds like a good product last while bow hunting i harvested a doe and took my bibs off to be more comfortable while cleaning m harvest after dragging my doe 400 yards across the field and didn’t notice that my bibs where covered in blood and just through them aside in my garage and the bow season coming around again about a week out and went looking for them found them in the garage and guess what with the blood stains i discovered so i threw them in the laundry with my sport wash and guess what the stain still there so I’m going to try the vanish scent ball now i’ll keep in touch with you to let you know what happens Thanks for the information. Bow Hunting Deer For Ever

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  4. Lyn Struck says:

    Guy, speak about a fantastic post! I?ve stumbled throughout your blog a couple of instances inside the previous, but I generally forgot to bookmark it. But not again! Thanks for posting the way in which you do, I genuinely value seeing an individual who truly features a viewpoint and isn?t seriously just bringing again up crap like nearly all other writers right now. Maintain it up!

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