Luck doesn’t exist

Luck is preparation meets opportunity.

 This cliche’  is never more true but I would like to add one more thing in the mix.

I have had more fun this year than any year I have had in a long time due to preparation. I also have been shelved alot this year, no excuses, just fact, missed opportunities.  When I do go out I have am hightend awareness and my experiences are more enjoyable. I also seem to have more success, not luck.

You rarely hear the team members of Team Dirt saying they come back empty-handed or haven’t seen anything. If we do alot of times it’s because we are getting kids or someone new, yes missed opportunities, but well worth it. I think as a team we introduced at least 9 people to the sport of hunting and fishing. We will continue to mentor these people for a lifetime,  or until they start mentoring us!  You can learn from beginners on new techniques or get rid of some bad habits you picked up yourself. Introducing someone in the outdoors isn’t a one season thing, it is a long-term commitment to someone.  It is a sacrifice to your hunting and fishing time taken away from you, but when they score on a big fish or animal, it’s just as good, maybe better, as getting one yourself.

Alright, back to the subject at hand.

We don’t go out just to get outside, if that is all it is we can mow our lawn, shovel the driveway or plant flowers. This happens for a couple of reasons.

1st, preparation, we don’t just go out and wet a line or sit in a stand or blind. We EXPECT to see something, catch something and most importantly EAT SOMETHING! We do our homework, work on food plots, check trail cams, practice all year around with our equipment, know the drop offs and hiding spots for the fish, we do whatever we can to increase our odds and our fun.

2nd, Opportunity, this can happen at a drop of a hat. You need to be ready. Sometimes you can’t help but miss that opportunity. Work is what gets in the way for me, ALOT!  A very good friend of mine Steve Richardson called me and invited me to go on a charter fishing trip at the last-minute. I couldn’t go because of work. There was no way I couldn’t go. He went out and slayed them.   On the flip side I have had some excellent times in the field and water this year when someone calls me at the last-minute (video soon to come) and I went. I had blessings from my wife, this is where I add to this Cliche’…at number 3.

3rd,  Support, bear with me on this and you’ll see where I am going. This is really important and when I talked to everyone that is on Team Dirt before they accepted  they had to have support from their girlfriend, wife, parents, friends, etc. . I have had hunted with people who have had disputes before they hunted or fished and they couldn’t enjoy being out, they admitted that they couldn’t enjoy being out in the wild because they were thinking about other things. Some guys simply can’t go because the spouse or girlfriend won’t let them go.

So if you have opportunity and preparation it doesn’t mean squat if your head isn’t in it.

Drive safe.

About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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