My version (with Tim’s help) of Bin Laden’s death

Our military finally killed the leader of Al- Qaeda, Bin Laden is dead, I guess my 1st thought was relief and pride for our U.S. military. This man was behind numerous attacks on my country, change the way we travel,live and shown Islam to some people as terrorist.

The 3rd thought  bothered me alot.

Yes, I am a Christian and a conservative. That is why it bothered me so much.

The bible teaches us to love EVERYONE, not just Americans, Lion fans, Spartan fans, Christians…EVERYONE.

Michigan as a whole has a big population of people with Islamic faith. I have known people from the Islamic faith and they are very peaceful and respectful. Bin Laden was the Jim Jones of the Islam, don’t think they all hate us because of a terrorist organization uses religion as a way to hate America. If you do you are just as bad as they are.

My conservative soul bothered me to, here is a definition of conservative: “disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.” That means in a nutshell to value and cherish The Constitution and Bill of Rights, which one freedom is freedom of religion, Thee First Amendment and Fourteenth amendment  of our Constitution. It is the first one for a reason and one of the main reasons this country was founded. I know Jesus is the Savior of the world, and I know not to judge but to love. Judging isn’t my gig, it says that in the bible too.

My second thought is about all you leftys out their condeming the celebration of Bin Laden’s death. I will now turn this over to one of my best friend Tim Walsh on that:

my thoughts on the criticisms of the celebrations over Bin Laden’s Death

by Tim Walsh, May 3, 2011
“1. Al Qaeda is not a nation, it is a terrorist group.

2. The cause for celebration is different, the Americans were not celebrating an attack on and death of thousands of innocent people based only upon their nationality.

3. Before insinuating that these folks have a similar form of blood-thirst (not that some of them don’t I am sure), the cause for the celebration needs to be considered

could it be that…

A. they are feeling an overwhelming sense of patriotism and has little to do with death?

B. that they are displaying relief that the leader of a terrorist organization that not only killed thousands of innocent people but also struck fear in to the heart of every American and changed the way that we live.

C. It might even be that they are relieved that the person that was the cause for racial profiling more than any other human being on the planet is finally gone.

 There are two sides to every coin. I have found that often times when people don’t understand other people’s actions or reactions, it is because they don’t understand all of the feelings in other people’s hearts and some of them may make more sense if they did.”

I want to thank Tim for thinking like me, and the copy and paste button on my lap top, that saved me alot of time. 

On a lighter note my turkey season is here. Congrats to another good friend Steve Richardson on his turkey, Hopefully I get out and get  a Jellyhead for my family. Go to Team Dirt’s website  for the latest video tips and vidcast

Drive Safe!

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