Crash and burn, almost! OR a computer miracle!

Here’s how it all went down, ups, downs and ups again…

I was finished with Episode #4  for Team D.I.R.T. Vidcast, went to start another video project, pop in the flash drive, the computer reads  “Please format before continuing…”

“Excuse me!!!” I thought to my self…

So I went to my wife’s laptop, same thing! All that work I done is down the tubes?!?!  Not only the vidcast but a couple other projects that are in the works plus all the intros and outros for tip and reviews! So I dug out the external hard drive to see what was on there.

Only some older stuff I put on in February, not what I wanted to see.

So, I went on the web to see if there was a recovery program disk I could get. After search for a while I found one but it didn’t show the programs it could recover, I’m not a betting man and didn’t want to buy something for 69 dollars and it only recover files I didn’t want or need.

I called the guys up at NuTech, this is where I have work done on my computers and buy all my computer software, work and stuff from, they are right next door to my work and are good guys. They said they would look at it. I went up there before I went to work and they said it’ll cost 35 bucks, with no guarantee. It had to be done, I have alot of hours involved on this flash drive and even though I enjoy editing video, It’s turkey season and I have other things I need to do. So I agreed to the cost. I was an hour early for work so I messed around for about 45 minutes and came back, the tech said he found some files and was pretty confident he could recover most of the files.  He wanted to know what files was really important so he could look for them, I told him about the intros and outrows for the tips and review segments we do and episode 4 we named “Thunder and jelly”  He said he’ll keep an eye out and I went to work. 

I came back on my lunch he had the files on the computer, great there is this and that…the only things he couldn’t recover was the intro to the vidcast and the next episode. The ones I put the most work in on.

I was thankful he did recover most of the stuff and I could recover the past episodes so I guess I can go in and cut out the intro and stuff from them put they would have the same quality but it is better than nothing, I paid for the services and picked up another flash drive and went back to work. He also said there was a file with some videos from another program he did and to look at them because he couldn’t pull them up but thought I could with my laptop.

When I got home I went straight for the computer, wanted to get a jump-start on the stuff and see what was salvaged, I was satisfied I only need about a day to organized the files and get back to where I was Friday night. I was getting ready to go to bed and decided to format the older flash drive. I popped it in, the command didn’t prompt me to format it prompt me to view it…

What the!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yep, it some how recovered itself!

I don’t know how because the guy at NuTech told me that the old flash drive was fine but there wasn’t any files I could recover! WEIRD! So I said a little prayer thanking God and then I looked at the vids, there they are ALL of them! I quickly filed them in the external memory and the new flash drive.

I don’t know what happened or why, but if God can part the Red Sea for Moses, this is something he did for me. Thanks God, don’t know why all this happened to me today but I want to thank you again.

Drive safe

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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1 Response to Crash and burn, almost! OR a computer miracle!

  1. njadams1 says:

    Maybe it was a God Send! You now know NOT to trust those little flash drives…to buy a good quality external hard drive to keep all your hard work on. It only took one glitched product and I dropped $289 on an external hard drive to put all my photos and footage on and the good thing is that the drive is SO massive that it will literally keep THOUSANDS of hours of footage in its original HD format and several thousand pictures in RAW format. AND I can keep it in my fireproof safe in the house. The big guy upstairs is so awesome. Now, get to the store and pick you up that “quality” external hard drive. 🙂

    P.S. I do use flash drives when I am sending a clip, project or demo to someone—but the original work stays on my external hard drive.

    Nancy Jo

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