Pet Peeves

 I did a little survey and this blog won by a landslide! Thanks to Mike H, Justin K, John M, Eric K, Carrie Z, and Jaime S for choosing this one.

I hear it all the time

“Matt your such a laid back guy”

Thanks but…not really. I have some pet peeves like everyone else. Here are just the top 5 in the hunting and fishing world.

Coat tail riders They want your hunting area, fishing spot or product from  a company wants you do a product review and they want some product too. Without helping you planting food plots, getting your boat ready or anything else, they just want you to do the work and them reap the benefits, Everything is earned with hard work and they don’t want to put in an effort to help.

Motley Crue face painters I know you have seen them, they think it is cool to have a pattern on their face to look cool. Hey, I thought face paint was to break up your pattern, not to look like a 80’s hair metal bass player.

Vultures- You get back from a successful on a hunting or fishing trip and they are lined up at your door waiting for a hand out, wanting your game to consume. They think going hunting or fishing is just like going to the grocery store, and the equipment, license and gas you spend is all free. You invite them to go and they say they don’t like to get up or they don’t have the time… yeah, I’ll just leave it at that.

Kids as a excuse- This one is a touchy one so bear with me.  If you want to get a kid out in the outdoors, make sure of what you are doing with hunting and spending time with your kids. Don’t use them as an excuse of not being successful because you are hunting with them. If you say I didn’t see anything because I took my kid out  just say I didn’t see anything.I am all about getting people in the outdoors and trying to show people what God has to offer in his playground, BUT everyone is different and in this day and age other people have other interests.  I know it’s hard to understand but it is true. Kids are the same as adults if not worse. I don’t understand when someone takes a kid in the outdoors and takes a video game, a pillow and snacks with them. Yeah, I  admit it, I do that to, in moderation. Don’t go out an open up a pop up blind day care. I think you need the kid to want to go not because you want them to feel the same way as you, you can do as much damage forcing them  to come out and hunt with you. They will resent the outdoors. I have talked to many people say they don’t hunt or fish anymore because they were forced by a parent.  Also, I think you should have time for yourself, take them out every other time. I believe they will want to be out there more and will do better because they need to make the time out there count. Take people out but don’t be a guide. With today’s world and work schedules you need time to enjoy the woods or water. I write more about this later, you get the jest of it.

One uppers- You get a  18 inch bass they get a 19 inch, You get a 10 inch bearded tom, they get a 12 inch, You take a shot at a 150 class, they see Bigfoot, you get the picture.

Well there ya have it, some things that just get my goat. I hope you don’t think any less of me, we are all human, as the old cliché’ says “just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I’m perfect, just forgiven.”

Drive safe.

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