Ruttin’ Review: Shoe Goo

There is nothing like a successful hunt,but, there is nothing that can ruin a good day in the woods than cold, wet feet.

I was with a friend hunting turkey, it was great running and gunning, hearing them gobble and yelp, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. We were on a Tom and needed to cross a creek, no problem I have my insulated rubber boots on a crossed and walk then I felt dampness in my feet… I looked to inspect my trusty boots and there it was, the rubber was separating from the two in seams. This wasn’t going to ruin my hunt but I was severely disappointed in the boots I have. The manufacture is a top-notch company and didn’t expect this at all. The pictures in this blog are not the boots in question so don’t even think about figuring it out.

I am extremely rough on my shoes and boots, and these ones are my favorite they are comfortable, light and warm, but not to warm to make my feet sweat. So I didn’t want to get another pair plus a good quality rubber boot can run you a pretty penny.

I returned home (the  hunt will be on a future webisode of Team D.I.R.T.) determined to fix these boots, I called the manufactory. I got a quick response. They wanted me to take pictures of the boot and email them to them. I did and waited for a response.  I received a call and they wanted me to send in the boots for repair, this wasn’t going to happen because I need these boots for hunting season so they were going to do some research and call me back.

My wife and I had the day off together and had some things to do so we were out and about and my cell phone rang.  It was the customer service rep. from the company he said I could fix them with a product called “Shoe Goo“. The product is readily available in local hardware stores.

I just so happened to be driving by a hardware store and stopped in. I went inside and asked the clerk if they had the product. He said yes and told me which aisle. I asked him if they have sold alot of it. He said they do and that it is a great product.

I went home and did what the directions said to do, yes I do read the directions.  It seemed to work well, it gave a shiny tint to them but I think it should calm down when it cures.

 Now for the big test. Going in the woods in them, to see if it holds up.

UPDATE: I have been out about 1/2 dozen times and the goo held up like a champ. Mud, dirt, sand, and water. The Shoe Goo passed with flying colors. The shine did wear down as I suspected.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that would like to prolong a shoe or boots life. As with everything, follow the directions and results vary.

 An eight dollar investment saved me around a hundred bucks.

 Money well spent.

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Drive safe.

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