Adapting…the sequeal

As we left your heroes… I had just caught a decent bass with an unorthodox style, if you need to catch up press here.

Matt immediately zeroed in on my lure…

“What color is that?” Matt asked

“Pumpkin Seed, 7 inch sickle tail…You want me to cast it for you too?” I replied

“Nope,” he replied “you’re doing the choo choo technique just fine.”

Yeah we love each other, but trash talk is the way we show our affection, and we show it, alot.

It wasn’t 10 minutes later I felt the boat move, this ment one thing. Matt has a good fish.

He reeled it in and made the comment “Mark Farner doesn’t need to help me” In reference to my new fishing style.

“Yeah, but you need to still need a caddy to pic our colors for ya.” I replied back

It was a nice fish, but I was feeling saucy and wanted him to one up him, I had a feeling it was time.

I decided to change to old faithful, a color that no longer you can find. On any shelf but my house, I bought 68 dollars and spent 1/2 a day driving and buying out the local fishing stores a couple years ago.

I resharpend my hook sprayed it down with a scent cover and attached the worm to the hook.

We were going to the honey hole of the honey hole it was almost dusk, the fish were starting to go into the shallows to feed and I had my confidence worm on…something is going to happen and it is going to be good, I know it.

I put out the cast where I have had really good success and lost a big one because of someone calling my wife and she couldn’t be rude and hang up on them, no I’m not bitter…

Anyway, I cast, nothing kept casting where I know where they are, still nothing.

Then I seen a swirl and the edge of the lily pads, didn’t seem like a fish but it was worth a try, I was running out of daylight and don’t want to waste this rare worm.

A hit…didn’t feel big, then it ran, ran again the a big run…paydirt!

I quickly adjusted the drag, my ultra light pole was stressing. It ran again, going toward the deep weeds.

“I got a big one,” I announced “GET READY!”

I was concerned about the hook set, it has to be perfect because I know I need to fight this thing and not horse it in. I quickly lifted my pole and tried back these hog away from the weeds. It stopped and changed and came toward the boat, reeling as fast as I could, it worked. My pole was bent at least at a 65 degree angle, but I have an ugly stik these things have never failed me and I have bought pole 4 times more and failed, but I was ultra confident in my equipment. this helps alot when the only thing you have to worry about is your skill set and not your equipment.

The fish went under the boat and was giving everything it has to get away. I wasn’t having it. I let the fish do his thing and held steady, he turned and I reeled in a little more.  I felt the fish tire I slowly reeled in a positioned the fish so Matt could land it.

Wow, it was a nice 20 inch bucketmouth beauty, SEE!

We took a couple of pictures, as you can see and let the fish go. Yeah, I know the picture is big and I coulda down sized it but I want you to get the whole effect of the blog….

Then I thought great, What did I do? I am going to be out here until the 1st of September, I now have a bigger fish and up on him  4 fish. I put away my pole and enjoyed the rest of the night taking in the scenery and the company of one of my oldest friend and my wife, my crush for over 20 years.

It was dark when Matt decided it to call it, he was rowing in and he said it…

“Well you got me on the big one but I caught more…”

“Yep.” I replied, know this wasn’t the case but I was getting hungry and don’t want him to eat too much crow.  I looked over to my wife, she smiled and winked at me, she knew better.

Oh! My wife, through this whole thing, she got skunked, she had a couple of hits but didn’t land anything. She let the boys play, talk trash and spend much-needed guy time without interfering. I don’t think she minded, she isn’t a competitive person and she knew I didn’t go out much this season.

Now I think this was her master plan now I think about it, she knew what I needed and put me up to a challenge that I over came. The nice fish was just something she hoped for but couldn’t plan.

Yeah she’s a keeper, I’m never let her get away.

Drive safe!

About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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2 Responses to Adapting…the sequeal

  1. Carrie Z says:

    Great post!! Looks like you had a blast and she definitely sounds like a keeper!

  2. ken1018 says:

    Great looking fish! Pumpkin seed is always a hot color!

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