Ruttin’ Review: G5’s T3 / Cutting surface vs Cutting Diameter

This blog is a twofer, I am going to do a review but first  I want explain something many bowhunters don’t think of.

 There is something that pertains to ALL broadheads most companies that should tell you but fail to tell you. Then I’m going to explain my choice of broadheads the past couple of seasons.

Chapter 1, Cutting diameter versus cutting surface.

All the rage right now is a broadhead claiming a 2 1/2 inch cutting diameter. O.K. I won’t argue with that, I could, but will give the manufacture the benefit of doubt, but what if I can increase the actual cutting surface? Same thing right you say?


Most companies talk about a cutting diameter. The diameter is measured in point A to point B and draw a circle around it. This is all well and good but lets say you have a 2 1/2 inch cutting diameter with a two-blade broadhead, on the package they draw a circle around it, ok cool, but what is the cutting surface? You guessed right, that too is 2 1/2 inches.

2 1/2 inches is big, huge! It is  just that 2 1/2 inches. Now lets take a broadhead with a 1 1/2 cutting diameter with 3 blades

Yes, the true cutting diameter is 1 1/2 but the cutting surface is 3 inches, yes you get another 1/2 inch of cutting surface.

Let me explain.

When you have a parallel line, with a 2 inch blade and the tip you get just that a long slit. Now, take that a broadhead with three one inch blades and turn them at a 60 degree angle. Last I checked 1+1+1= 3. Easy math. Now take 3 inches minus 2 1/2 that equals another 1/2 inch of damage.

I prefer cutting surface over cutting diameter. You get more bang for your buck, no pun intended, well maybe it was. Let’s just say you  shoot a deer and it was a complete pass through. cool. With a huge slit. You shoot a deer with a three blade you get a hole. Holes are better because the deer bleeds out more. Faster recovery time, more humane shot. It’s a win win.

There are a couple more things I want to point out 1, that is one big wound go ask a doctor what he would rather fix and long  2 1/2 cut or 3 1 inch cuts in a 60 degree angle. Last I checked the fastest way to get from point A to point b is a straight line.  2 the wound is alot harder to close when it isn’t a straight line. Yeah, I know what your thinking, they are all straight lines. but it isn’t, not at the point of entry. The 3 blade is what is going to give a bigger blood lose a  big 2 inch slit or a little 3 flaps with a half-inch more of cutting surface?

Chapter 2,  The T3 review by G5.

I have been blessed to test out alot of broadheads, ALOT of them. Some surprised me, some disappointed me. So you should be confident they when I say T3′s are the best broadhead I have ever shot. Yes, they are mechanical which I haven’t shot until I was forced to with my current set up, I admit I was a little leery, but I am glad I switched.

I when I practiced with them, they were accurate.  The picture above is my 1st shot, last year right out of the package. No tuning, I just let it rip, I could give props to my archery tech Matt Brown for setting up my Quest bow or I could brag about my bow, bit we are talking about my selection of broadheads, so I won’t (I did hyperlink them for you.)

The one thing I like more than anything on these broadheads are the spider clips. G 5 took the time to make the retention clip that will deploy your arrows at different poundage bows, for a bowhunter in a tree stand, another one for crossbows and shooting through a ground blind screen. Make sure to ask your local Pro Shop which clip is going to be the best for you in your situation. They use these instead of O rings and rubber bands for holding the blades in place before the point of impact. Rubber bands are for newspapers and fish and chip boxes and o rings were made for replacing parts in your faucet, not hunting.

Another cool thing is the ease of replace the blades, you don’t need to be a Nero surgeon to replace them use just simply remove them and slide it in place.

I’m not going to give you specs. You can read on the package or look on G5‘s website, I know my readers are smart and can look for that stuff for yourselves. I can go on about field point accuracy, penetration blah, blah, blah…

Trust me they rock, well that’s one of G5’s sights, but you get my point, and the animal you will be shooting at with get the point and a gaping hole too.

More reviews, videos and blogs at the Team Dirt Web Site

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Drive safe.

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2 Responses to Ruttin’ Review: G5’s T3 / Cutting surface vs Cutting Diameter

  1. ken1018 says:

    Nice post. I’ve been yelling cutting suface over diameter for years, maybe they’ll listen to you more than me. Way to give the T3s the credit that they deserve!

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