The Enigma of “Up North”

On my way “Up North”, It’s a tradition. Always the 2nd week of August, nothing like it. It is bitter-sweet, it’s usually when I realize summer is winding down and time to start obsessing more than ever about October 1st…BOW SEASON!

I have a question for you.

What Is “Up North”,where does start and what does it mean to you? I asked this on my Facebook page, after I wrote this. It was generally the same up if you lived on the west side of the state it was a little different. I am going with the I 75 corridor area. It is the most popular and what I know.

“Up North” to me is quality time spent with my oldest and dearest friends and our families.  Summer has alot of activities. Fishing, carnivals, festivals, camp fires, but going “Up North” at the end of summer is my favorite.

“UP NORTH” is a different place and feeling for everybody, region to region, state to state.

I will be talking about Michigan’s Up North. The best one.

This is how I feel, I know who ever has been “Up North” has a different opinion on what, why and how “Up North” it is to you, but this is my reasoning, not right or wrong, just how I feel about it.

I travel north alot, check and maintaining deer camp, hunting, fish for smallies and walleye, but going “Up North” only happens to me once a year.

 The Detroit area census is anything north of Flint is up north. I live north of Flint and disagree, but there is no right or wrong answer. Some people think it is the Zilwaukee Bridge, I can see that because it is a predominant land mark but I say no. Some think it is the I 75/10 corridor, Still to close to home, some think it’s Gaylord/ Grayling area, which it’s to far north in my humble opinion.

For me “Up North” the destination starts is right past the exit of West Branch. You go past the exit and you look and it’s…well, up north! There are hills and trees everywhere you look around you, the view is amazing, to top it off a water tower has a big ‘ol smiley face on it,  just thinking about drops my blood pressure a few points.

“Up North” isn’t deer camp for me, that’s deer camp, another tradition that can’t be confused with going north for deer camp.

Here is my explanation. “Up North” needs to happen in a family environment. You need to be in a cabin, by a lake on a dirt road in the woods north of West Branch Michigan. You can’t be in a tent because that is considered camping. Camping north is close to going up north but not quite the same.

I know that is a weird and anal explanation but that is what I think of when someone says “Up North”.

That is the key when we think of up north it takes me back when I was a kid. Fishing, walking in the woods, discovering life, put-put golf, finding new friends and swimming.

Now it’s getting away from the hustle and bustle of work, bills, stress, fishing, walking in the woods, discovering life, put- put golf, finding new friends and swimming.

The point of where it starts will always be a mystery and form of debate but the end is always the same, it’s what ever you want and what ever you make it. You know as much as I do everyone likes it, the traffic on a Friday going north is worth it, we learned to go up at the beginning of the week and leaving on Friday. Traffic is one thing about “Up North” we can do without.

If you go “Up North” on Friday remember…

Drive Safe!

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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