I want to thank our sponsers and fans!

I’m in the mood to rant a little bit,  but 1st let me say this.

I and the rest of the guys want to thank everyone that supports Team D.I.R.T., We are blessed and humbled by the numbers we had over the past year with our videos, blogs and reviews.

The companies and people who believe in us…Thank you!

Now let me tell you a story.

 I was at a local speedway, Autocity, one Saturday night with my nephew and a guy recognized me. I do believe he has some liquid courage in him and started to talk to me and said he really enjoyed what Team D.I.R.T. is doing, he even wanted to text  Art and tell him, I let him use my phone, to tell him thanks.  He said he was a big fan and wanted to know if we had any sponsors. This has happened a couple of time though the year, not a lot but sometimes. These 2 subjects are a sore spots to me and is the purpose of this blog. I need to get some stuff off my chest and give some of the readers some insight of these internet outdoor groups that are popping up like dandelions in the spring.

I’m going to give you my point of view on these subjects.

We are not “sponsored” by anyone, and I don’t think will ever be. We are 9 guys making a decent living, that wouldn’t be cost-effective for us or a company that is interested. Yes, I will say we have been approached, we do support companies that support us, but they are not sponsors.

 Also, we have 9 opinions on our team. Why would I pry the Quest from my or Randy’s mits, Eric’s PSE, Art’s Hoyt, Ron’s Darton, Rocky and Fred whatever they decide to shoot that month(sorry guys, had to have a little fun on these serious topic) and that goes for the rest of the guys. They like their equipment, and the equipment is quality stuff.  I would rather have the team’s talent and knowledge than us shooting the same equipment.

 Here is Webster’s definition of the word:
“Sponsor (noun) a person, firm, organization, etc., that finances and buys the time to broadcast an internet, radio or television program so as to advertise a product, a political party, etc.”

The key word there is “BUY” aka money, moolah, greenbacks, buckarooneys…you get the picture.

Again, thanks everyone that supports us from people who watch our videos, read our blogs and companies that helps us out, but we are independent. I can talk to you all day on why I like to shoot my equipment, but so can the rest if the team and give you insights on the benefits of their equipment. You know…when you go to a burger joint now  they do offer now chicken and fish sandwiches.

So, let me ask you this how many internet teams are legitimately sponsored?

Let me in on a little secret and check your ego at the door guys and gals. Most teams, pro staffers or what ever you call it  MAYBE will be given product, most product they get is at a discount, sometimes in return to sell need to sell the product  they are promoting, so actually they are vendors.  Seldom they, the “sponsors”, give them product so they can as someone called it on our facebook page said ” like a NASCAR driver”  spouting  off their names of their product whenever they get a chance to.

Why? I dunno go ask them. Well, I do, but go ask them anyway.

Yes, we Team DIRT  do get some product to test and give honest reviews, we also do work on some prototypes for some companies. We don’t bash any companies if it doesn’t live up to our standards we do not do a review or blog about it.  We contact the company when we won’t do a review on the product, we ask  if we want to send it back. If not we give to someone who needs it or throw it away. Trust me there are some stuff out there that is horrendous, but we will keep that ribbing to ourselves, here’s our logic to this.

 We are not getting paid to do these reviews or anything for that matter, it takes time and effort to pull off a video or writing a blog. We want to support companies but feel a bad opinion on a product it doesn’t mean it is a bad item, it simply means we don’t like it. Why would we spend the time and effort in giving them a bad review. If we do find a good product we will take the time and effort to promote it, to show the public the benefits of it.  Swaying them away from the other competitors, maybe the one that we didn’t like.

I hope that makes sense to you, I feel better.

Next is the fan thing…

I don’t get the “thank the fans” speech either, I think that is a lack of respect to the viewer or reader and an ego boaster. This has bothered me for years since being in a band in the 80’s. I am a fan of sports or a tv show, not of a website, bar band, you tuber or blogger. Example I really enjoy reading blogs, but if they decide to quit writing tomorrow I am not going to be bummed  like if one of my teams loses or a favorite tv show of mine receives the ax, sorry. It’s their hobby, passion doesn’t pay the bills.

A fan is  in laymen’s terms is an enthusiastic admirer. We do this because we love what we do, not to get free stuff, don’t get me wrong it’s nice to receive product but trust me, the time and effort it would be a lot cheaper from a time management angle to go purchase that item. So many of these teams will think they are like that but take a look or listen are they giving you entertainment or trying to push a product on you?

With that rant I bid you a fond SEE YA!


Drive Safe.

About 6or7

1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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3 Responses to I want to thank our sponsers and fans!

  1. But I guess now I will have to decline that 1.2million dollar deal with GM. 🙂

  2. 6or7 says:

    Yes decline it, I am a ford guy! 😛

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