Ruttin’ Review: ConQuest EverCalm

Deer scents, lures, attractants, everybody use them for deer season and they’re  litterly hundreds of them on the market, and quite frankly VERY hard to review. How do you know the scents work? You don’t know if deer was in the area when you tested them, and you can’t give the deer a questionnaire to fill out if it works or not to see if the deer if he was smelling what you were trying to use.  Well, I know that EverCalm by ConQuest scents works by two encounters.

I went hunting the 1st time this year, I came home in my hunting clothes because I was going to wash my clothes them as soon as I get home to make them as scent free as possible. I entered my house expecting a friendly greet from my wife and my new yellow lab August. The dog started to bark at me! She has NEVER done this before. She sniffed me and continued to bark. I took off my coat and boots which had the EverCalm Scent and she stopped came over and greeted me.

The next time I went out I was seeing deer, they were at least 150 yards away but was enjoying watching them. The melted back into the hard woods to the east and I decided to call it a night, It was past shooting light and the Tigers were in the playoffs and wanted to get home and catch the game.

I gathered my gear and left the ground blind. I was going west toward the truck and out popped a button buck to start feeding. He was in between me and the trail that leads me to my ride home. I squatted down and waited for him to get done eating. 10 minutes later he was still eating. I decided to belly crawl to the trail. I know he might spook but he was on an incline and couldn’t see me fully. It was worth a try and if he busts me he is a lone button buck, it wouldn’t break my heart if he busted me. I started to crawl. He was about 150 yards out so I was pretty confidant that I could go undetected He was up wind of me but the wind was blowing hardly at all. I continued to crawl slowly every 25 yard I looked up and he seemed to be getting closer, grazing toward me, so I waited and seen if he was walking toward me, he was. Great, I thought now I know he was going to bust me and now the wind was picking up, a steady breeze leading right to his number one defense, his nose. I decided to continue. I got within 20 yards of him and then he looked right at me, I froze. After about a minute he continued to eat, hungry little guy, I thought, so I continued crawling to the trail and out of sight of the deer. He didn’t even care I know for a fact that he seen me and smelled that EverCalm and wasn’t alarmed.  I was SO PUMPED! I encountered a deer and got within 20 yards of him and won.

What a rush!

I walked to the truck smiling ear to ear, it was an incredible encounter and then I noticed one of my arrows was missing with a broadhead from my quiver. It must have fell out during the crawl I will try to find it but if that is what it takes to have confidence in a deer scent it was well worth it.

Now, this stuff is pricey, 19.95 for the 2.5 oz stick and 14.95 for the 2.0 oz spray but let me ask you this, what is the price of success? It is a nothing compared to everything else you spend on your deer budget, and don’t you want to pay your taxidermy dude, he needs to eat and he’ll thank you later when you buy this stuff.

They also make awide variety of other scents from deer, rabbit…to many to name so go check out their website

The products are made in the U.S.A., in Michigan, heck it’s even in the same county as me. I love this stuff, a strong ally in my quest for backstraps and freedom!

Spend these cents scents and odds are you’ll get a buck!

Drive safe!

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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