Game Time recipe tip:Venison for the average Joe

I love all aspects of hunting and fishing from start to finish including cooking what I harvest. I talk about my hobbies alot when we get on the subject of preparing the meat I hear alot of getting the game taste out. I have always wondered why people would what to do this. If I want something to taste like chicken I would buy chicken. I like the taste of wild game,I know some people don’t and when I am preparing a meal for them here are some tips I use and tips I heard work well to make the meal enjoying for everyone. Salt water takes alot of the blood out of the flesh thus cutting out alot of the taste. I let it soak for about 1/2 hour before I marinade. I do this this alot to venison and fresh water fish simply because I feel it taste better and seems to make the meat easier to marinade because the marinade will replace the blood. I have also heard that milk will make any meat taste palatable. The milk will break down the enzymes in the meat making it more tasteful for the average carnivore. A meat marinade comprising a fat and a protein, may comprise a fat and protein-containing dairy product. The salt water I suggested I imagene will rise the sodium level in the meat. I do prepare my meals differntly when people aren’t familier with the taste of wild game, I want them to enjoy it, most people have the bambi fear and think hamburgers and pork chops are grown on trees. The more “mild” taste your game is the more people are going to be more accepted to your hunting and fishing pastimes.

Drive Safe!

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