Product Spotlight: Dead Deer Walking

Dead Deer Walking is a company located in the Backwoods of Southern Maryland. The Product was developed not by accident but from trial and failure, with getting close to Whitetail Deer was the main goal without getting busted. The developer Joe Windsor used everything you find on today’s retail shops and stores, with these products he still found himself getting detected, when he did everything right from stand placement to hunting with the right wind direction. After becoming frustrated he started to do research and taking All Natural Materials where he finally came up with a Cover Scent that proved so effective that success in the woods became more and more. As time passed he started to introduce the Cover Scent to more and more Hunters who also found great success and made true believers in the name Dead Deer Walking All Natural Cover Scents. Joe introduced in 2011 to the Hunting World to Dead Deer Walking Cover Scents. 

 The Product starts with the harvesting of All Natural Materials that goes through a process to produce an effective Whitetail Hunting Cover Scent . They hear all the time from our customers that they have “Never gotten so close to Deer and how effective it works in the field”.  They stand behind the All Natural Cover Scent and the process we go through to make a quality product for the Hunter who works hard in the woods. So if your ready to make a switch and try THE All Natural Backwoods Cover Scent, then take the time and order yours today. They are outdoorsmen and Hunters at Dead Deer Walking, so your success is their success.

 I received some Dead Deer Walking in the mail, I was pretty excited about it. I took it out of the package, shook it up and smelled it, it smelled invisible. I can’t wait to use this stuff in the field, It will be another tool to make me and the rest of Team D.I.R.T. that films in the field successful. Most people want a name brand product that works, I love when a smaller company can hold up to the big boys and I think this product will do just that.

Dead Deer Walking is 100% all natural with no harmful chemicals for your skin to absorb, proven in the field, made in the USA and is inexpensive. What more can you ask for?

That’s what I thought. Go to the website , order some. You will not be sorry.

Here is a video for Dead Deer Walking


Thanks and Drive safe!

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