Ruttin’ Review: ground blinds Barronett Blinds

I am always looking for new products and this year I was in the market for a ground blind. I have had my problems in the past, most of them are easy enough to set up but taken them down is another story. I let a son and his father borrow one of my blinds, a hub style and when they returned it one of the sticks broke on the back part of the blind while trying to disassemble when they were done hunting. They both felt awful and wanted to pay for it. I was upset but i wondered how many other hunters had trouble breaking down the blinds or even breaking them.

I’m picky on what I want.  I need room enough for me and my equipment which I carry a tripod and camera whenever I go out, more space if I have someone else with me and ease of set up and concealment, they all need to be a 10 out of 10.

The search began. I started at the big box stores, specialty shops, retail stores all basicly had the same same blinds and models. I ventured into a farm and fleet store and noticed they had some ground blinds so I decided to investigate.

The blind had a really cool camo pattern it was called blood trail, the break up was unique, the red really helped the pattern hence the name, bloodtrail. I unzipped the door and looked  inside. for the size of the blind it was roomy, very roomy! When I exited the blind a sales clerk came and asked if I needed some assistance, I asked if I could take the blind down. He agreed I could but had a funny look on his face. I didn’t want to see the instructions because lets face it, who looks at the instructions anyway.

I began unpopping the top and then the sides. the seem to fall right into place. I have used a hub style blind before and the needed to be taken down in sequence or it seemed or you will be out there trying to figure out how to put the blind in the bag. I was impressed really impressed! So I put it up and took it down in another sequence, same reults

What is the blind called? The company is called Barronett Blinds. They are an American Company based out of Wisconsin. Yeah I never heard of them either but it seemed like what I was after, so I bought it.

I went home, took the blind out of the box, to see if the blind out of the box was just as easy to take it up and take it down. It was as a matter of fact it was actually easier to take down than to set up.

This past hunting season, I have been out in this blind when venturing out into public land and let me tell ya, it is a great portable blind. Easy to set up and take down, roomy and lightweight. You need to check these guys out, you won’t be sorry.

Check out the website  Get one, and worry about hunting not breaking another pop up blind!

Drive safe!

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3 Responses to Ruttin’ Review: ground blinds Barronett Blinds

  1. Great product review, Matt! I will check this one out. You definitely want something easy, esp if doing this in the dark.

  2. 6or7 says:

    Thanks Scott, that means alot comng from you.

  3. josh says:

    im 14 annd me and my dad bought one of these for hunting this year and tried putting it up in our house to see the actual size and had to take it outside cause we didnt have room for it inside

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