Here is the latest webisode from Team D.I.R.T., this one is special to me, one of the segments is about Wild Game Dinners. Most of the churches I visit miss the boat when it comes to this outreach. They either don’t do anything or try to convert everyone. Both equally wrong in my opinion.
I don’t claim to be an expert by this by any means, but I have heard and seen many Christians and non beleivers talk about this subject. A Wild Game Dinner is a wonderful tool to show people that going to church isn’t all that bad. Most churches try to witness and convert right on the spot. You need to build a friendship 1st. You need to talk about what they came there for. Hunting and fishing. The person who is visiting the church is out of his comfort zone. The host of the wild game dinner needs to reach out and form a friendship or atleast a connection with the people.
Enough of me on my soap box, enjoy the video, it has more than the dinners we visted last year it also has 2 more segments that are entertaining. ENJOY!

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