Product Spotlight: Treestand Up


As Most of you know we at Team D.I.R.T. support TreeStand Up, a quality product, if it stunk we wouldn’t support it. I can tell ya something, they aren’t about to rest on their laurels. This year they introduced a new product that is made out of a Thermoset Composite, some things about this new composite item, it is almost indestructible, it is lighter, it won’t rust, it is less expensive and not only made in the good old U.S.A. it is made in Michigan!

I was impressed with the original product, it was awesome because you know if you want to set some stands or move some in the off-season most of your hunting buddies are nowhere to be found. So, you go off and try to set it yourself, that’s bad news. You should NEVER set equipment out in the woods by yourself. You have to set your stands, we all do it. So you go out, you get the stand ready to be pulled up you lose your balance or grip and drop the thing scaring the deer to the next county and potentially damaging or breaking your stand. 

With this product you don’t need them, just take someone to go with you like your kids or wife so someone is there with you and use the product and when your buddies call to hunt your property in the fall, you can ignore their calls, have the whole property to yourself.

Now if you happen to forget to remove the new TreeStand Up it from the ground they won’t rust. They are easier to carry because they weigh practically nothing. So your 2 mile hike out in the woods just got a little lighter.

Kevin Dolson and the rest of the Treestand Up crew are top-notch people and professional. They have a passion for their product and the outdoors and are bent keeping the product and the jobs right here in America.

If you use a treestand this product is an essential tool in your arsenal.

Here’s the website

Drive safe!

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3 Responses to Product Spotlight: Treestand Up

  1. Carrie Z says:

    Nice review, I’ll have to check them out.

  2. Looks like a great product!

  3. michelle francisco says:

    Nice to. see you in Lansing!

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