Movin’ the Cheese

Team D.I.R.T. is growing, with this happening some changes needed to be made.

Ron Eaton left the team, we still remain great friends, it isn’t much of a change because we will continue to support Taggin’ Out Hunting and Taggin’ Out Hunting will continue to supporting us. People were blurring the gray line and we needed things to be more prominent on both sides. When I say we are still great friends we continue to bounce ideas off each other. I personally have helped him on one of his projects and one of his filmed hunts will be in the next webisode, and these projects will continue.

Next, we also needed someone to fill a position.

The thing that needed to be addressed was the social media.

Social media is hard because it needed to be on top the doings of the outdoor world and to keep in touch with our followers. We needed to have someone with a good work ethic and an eye for the web.

The position was going to be tough to fill.

We wanted to keep the attitude and update with the social media current without losing the attitude and edge we want to bring you, this is going to be tough trying to find someone, even though we get people wanting to be a part of the team, but we wanted someone who fit, the square peg in the round hole comes to mind.

We have no titles at the team but we have responsibilities, it may like only 2 or 3 people are doing it all but that simply isn’t the case. We have bloggers, people who film tips, hunts and fishing trips. We have a web master, the list goes on and on.

 We needed someone to take over the Facebook and Twitter pages so the other members can concentrate on filming, blogs and editing the videos. It sounds like a simple task but it is an important and critical position.

I had numerous people who wanted to join the team, local and people out of the state. We talked back and forth about the candidates. We wanted to keep the team member local, that narrowed the field down. They need the passion and same philology as the rest of us, that narrowed it down some more. Then they needed to have a commitment of being consistent, it widdled it down some more, then the ego. We needed someone who didn’t mind being behind the scene, which most people and their ego can’t handle. We finally settled on Ford Cutler because he fit on everything we were looking for.

In the short time Ford has joined our twitter page has exploded, the Facebook page is healthy as it has ever been and has brought a dimension that will just bring Team D.I.R.T. better than ever.

I want to take this time to personally thank the people who have e-mailed us and was interested in joining our team. We have a vision that we need to keep, it is extremely hard to try to keep this to local and maybe we will expand outside of Genesee county someday. Please don’t take it personally, it is just a business decision. As for Ford, thank you for your fresh take and passion you have injected into the team.

Oh, if you are wondering about the title of the blog it’s a business book about changes and why things need to change. It’s an awesome read. If you get the chance pick it up.

Drive safe!

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1st in formost I am saved by the blood of my savior Jesus Christ. I fall in love with my wife on a daily basis. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and shooting my bow.
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2 Responses to Movin’ the Cheese

  1. Carrie Z says:

    Reblogged this on Carrie Z and commented:
    A team that understands social media and embraces change as a good thing. I’m sure their newest team member will bring it just like the rest of Team Dirt.

  2. Ford says:

    I’d like to thank everyone from the Team to our friends on Facebook & Twitter,to people that look at our web page .At frist Twitter wasn’t easy,as time went on I got better at it.I’m ok at it now ,but can still use some fine tuning.Facebook It’s the easiest out of the 2.On Facebook u can type more then 120 words,an not worry do I have enough space to type what I want to say .Like on Twitter ,so on Twitter I have to sum it up & make it sweet.

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