Ruttin’ Review: Len Right Outfitters

Road Trips and outdoor expos, I love ’em. Get up early, O.D. on coffee and get to know your friends even more. Garrett, Ford and myself planned on a roadtrip to go to an expo in Ohio. Why?

Because we can!  

You all know me and Garrett were in D.I.R.T. from jump, We need to take the rookie Ford along for the ride, we need to break the newbie in right.

We left our jumping point around six in the morning wide away and cutting up, typical D.I.R.T. attitude. Ford and Garrett said they was so excited he hardly got any sleep, me on the other hand slept like a baby, my day job was kicking my butt. The 4 hour drive flew by talking about anything and everything. The drive didn’t seem we went threw 2 states more like 2 counties. Nothing like recharging your batteries then good conversasion between friends.

 When we arrived at the expo, we got out and started poking around. We were looking around and didn’t see much then Brent from Treestand Up was all excited and gave us the heads up about this new product.

The company is called Len Right Outfitters out of Columbus Ohio and the product is called the P Bag and another one called the Pitch Bag, I guess you would call them scent dispensers.

I know what your thinking, great another scent dispeanser…ok…but this one is bio degradable and the Pitch Bag you can throw from your stands at different locations, THATS Cool!

So let’s say you are in the stand and you need to put some scent down in or around your tree because you forgot to, no I NEVER do this (sarcastism)  you simply take the scent of your choice put it on Pitch Bag and toss it to where you need it to be and toss it.

The P bag and the Pitch Bag can be two-fold either put it over a scape or keep it by you for extra cover scent. Heck get two and use them for an attraction and cover scent.

The P bag and pitch bag are very cost effective if you are interested contact them at . The are such a new company the website is not up yet.

Team D.I.R.T. will ne venturing in the woods with this fine product this fall, I suggest you get this product too. We have a video soon to follow, stay tuned for that.

Drive safe!

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