Garrett Kring’s Ruttin’ Review on The Silent Retreiver

Here is another review by team member Garrett Kring on The Silent Retreiver, Team D.I.R.T. loves this product, read on!
We as hunters have all been there climbing up into a stand, just get settled into to your stand, or have been sitting in your stand for hours waiting and then you accidently drop or knock something off of your setup. No hunter wants to climb back down from his or her perch to risk spooking any deer with the noise, motion, or leaving more scent on the ground for those keen old noses to pickup on. Those are all things that can happen when you climb down from your stand. 
Now there is a product for retriving those items called The Silent Retriver.
This is a system that has two hooks that look like a grappling gun hooks made of stainless steel so it is strong but quite at the same time, it also sports a 25ft rope so it can reach things from almost any setup. For the items that can not be hooked there are velcro stick on patches (5) loop pieces and (1) hook, so you can pick up your can call, grunt call, and quiver along with many other items. I am looking forward to having this in my backpack this fall! If you are like me and carry alot of items up in the tree with you, this will come in handy for you for many hunts to come! If you are are interested in adding The Silent Retriever to your backpack I invite you to go to the website they also have videos on their website of the product in use! 
***Guest blogger Garrett Kring, Team D.I.R.T. member***

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