Hot weather hunting

Last year someone ask me to write a blog on hot weather hunting, as soon as I wrote it a cold snap hit so I shelved it until now, enjoy!

I have to tip my hat to those southern hunters, I simply don’t know how they hunt in extreme heat. Here is some views and observants I have seen.

Deer hunting success during hot weather can be contributed to several factors such as hunter comfort and the understanding of deer habits and needs. The early bow season offers those hunters willing to endure various conditions the chance at taking a nice buck.

Hunter Comfort

The hunter being comfortable plays a major factor during hot weather deer hunting. Being uncomfortable will often result in hunter movement. This will increase the chances of being detected by the deer. The hunter will need to make preparations in controlling the comfort levels.

Since the temperatures are often in the eighties or higher, hunters will need to dress accordingly. A light weight, breathable hunting clothing is needed. This will help reduce the amount of perspiration, which in turn will help with scent control.

Tree stands or blinds to be used need to be placed prior to hunting when ever possible. If early placement is not possible, the hunter should take his time during set up. Again this will help reduce sweating and aid in scent control.

The hunter needs to be prepared for bugs as well. Early deer hunting season is famous for having a variety of biting insects such as flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. There are several scent free bug repellents that are made with the hunter in mind. There are also the mechanical devices that are becoming popular. A good bug suit may also be a suggestion.

Rain is also common during the early deer hunting season. The hunter needs to have a good breathable rain suit. An enclosed stand, ground blind, or a stand umbrella, are all good tools that can be used for rain. Just remember to exit the woods if the rain is accompanied by lightning.

Deer Habits And Needs

The early deer hunting season often provides an abundance of food supplies. Deer are still in their summer time feeding patterns. This is generally made up of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables found in field crops. During this time of the year deer can often be spotted at all times of the day standing in a field.

The warm weather will also require the deer to find water. The deer will need to hydrate several times throughout the day. The deer will take advantage of ditches, creeks, swamps, ponds, lakes, and any other area that holds water.

Hunters can take advantage of these feeding and watering  habits by placing stands or blinds near these areas. A stand in between a food source and a bedding area is ideal. A stand on the edge of a frequently used watering hole will also offer success.

I hope these hot weather deer hunting tips will help for a better chance at success.

Drive Safe!

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  1. Great advice. Living in Georgia, I usually like to wait till about October when it’s cooler, but I will get out some for bow season in Sept. I also spray my clothes with Permanone. Watch out for snakes and chiggers.

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