Stuff about the author

My name is Matt Woodbury. I am a married to a wonderful woman that supports me in everything I do.

 I hunt, fish and shoot my bow as much as I can. I also enjoy filming my hunts and fishing trips.  Some of the blogs you read here are well thought out or shot from the hip depending on my mood.

You can read about my adventures on the woods, water, what happended to my day, political views,  a bible passage, explained from my point of view, product reviews or just a plain old fashion rant.

Thanks for stopping by, sit back and enjoy what I have to say, you can also e mail me at, I read all e mails and love suggestions and reader feedback. You can also check out my team page at we have more blogs, tips and videos.

God Bless!

2 Responses to Stuff about the author

  1. Shannon Wood says:

    I love the blog here you have Matt. Keep up the great work and good luck in the field this upcoming season.I am also a word press user and word press and it’s community has grown to be very huge.Check out my web site at and let me know what you think.This site is powered by WordPress also.My own personal blog is also powered by WordPress at hope you enjoy using wordpress and by the way I found your site through Talk Hunting.Once again keep up the great work here on your blog and don’t give up.Good luck this upcoming hunting season.

    Shannon Wood

  2. 6or7 says:

    Thanks Shannon I really like doing it!

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