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Great Gift Ideas for the Hunter

Well I guess this blog is an offical annual one now since I did one last year.  Boy do I have some cool stuff for you or the hunter in your family is going to love and use in the field. … Continue reading

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Rut Formula another equation for hunters

I’m gonna turn all you hunters into math geeks yet! So here is another formula for something everyone knows about but alot don’t know how to figure out. The RUT! I always get a kick out of hunters, great hunters that don’t … Continue reading

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Survey, Need some input please!

Well the Team dirt website is alive and well. I want to thank everyone who frequents the website. I want to know, from you, yes you what you want to see, hear or have us do to make it better. … Continue reading

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Prada or Realtree…

As the busiest days of shopping are winding down I have an observation I have seen. Men complain about women and their  shopping, well let me tell you, hunters are just as bad if not worse. Let me throw some … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday…facts and myths

On my lasr blog I answered a question about how long it took to write a blog, yeah, this one took some time and research. I hope you enjoy it. The Pilgrims may not have eaten turkey… but they definitely … Continue reading

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