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Gametime Recipes: Tips on Ribs and a summer time meal

Originally posted on 6 or 7:
Well Summer is here and people have taken the cooking outside. I am like every other red blooded American and love to cook on the grill. I am a propane griller and go through about 3 to 4…

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New Venture

Well, I have accepted a new project. It is a web channel call Pop. of Zer0. It is going to be a mockumentry about what goes bump in the night. It has a plot but no script, all adlibs around … Continue reading

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Originally posted on thenontypicalsportsman:
 November 15 in Michigan is a day everyone know, even non hunters.  400,000 gun hunters head out to the woods.  This is a thought I had As I sat quietly 20 feet closer to God.  It was just…

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How to get into the outdoor industry

I get emails or direct messages from Twitter or Facebook on how to get into the “outdoor industry”. 1st I want to thank the people up front that asked me, this is more of a hobby than anything. I will … Continue reading

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Merry CHRISTmas from me to you

CHRISTmas Morning here at my household, no kids but I always get up early, not for presents but a time to reflect and think about things. I am so humbled what God has given me through the year and my … Continue reading

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Originally posted on thenontypicalsportsman:
Lets check out the specs on this knife. KNIFE FEATURES: Serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point blade is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope Ergonomic textured rubber grip maximizes comfort and reduces slippage Stainless…

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Deer Disappearing

“You’re going to go out and kill a poor defenseless deer…” A quote from any ignorant person that doesn’t know about deer or any kind hunting in general. I won’t get into the deer and their senses, which is 100 … Continue reading

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Deer Camp: Now and Then

Well another opening seasoning has come and gone and yet another memory filled year. Opening day of gun season here in Michigan. The memories are filled with hunting and non hunting experiences. Some non hunting: I cut my finger and received … Continue reading

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Gun season

It’s likely that if you are reading this you are also a deer hunter and you probably feel the same way I do. Gun season is a magical time, even though I consider myself a bowhunter 1st and foremost, but … Continue reading

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A ninja verses Usain Bolt

Todays bows are all about the speed freaks, some bows are pushing 370 fps. Impressive but I have always thought fast bow equllys a fast miss. I don’t think a fast bow can make you a better hunter, but a … Continue reading

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