Gun season

It’s likely that if you are reading this you are also a deer hunter and you probably feel the same way I do.

Gun season is a magical time, even though I consider myself a bowhunter 1st and foremost, but the 1st day of gun season has 10 times the excitement, hype as what most hunters equate to being 7 years old on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of excitement, it is really starting to build for me as we are now only a few short days away. I have sorted all my gear, washed all my clothes and started the pile of stuff that will get loaded into the car. I got out this afternoon and shot my gun to make sure things were good to go and ready for the season.

We’ve checked and set our stands and have been practiced our shooting all summer. The time for preparation is over and it’s now finally time to hit the woods.

I don’t care if it’s a shotgun, muzzleloader or a rifle, I think it boils down to 2 things, fellowship and tradition. We have been going up to the same spot for years. To be honest I have yet to take a trophy deer out of the nearly famous Phantom Deer Camp, but with all of us growing older, raising kids and more responsibilities with our jobs, we don’t talk or hang out like we use to so it becomes more precious every year.

I wish all of you good luck this season. Have fun, hunt hard and drive safe.

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A ninja verses Usain Bolt

Todays bows are all about the speed freaks, some bows are pushing 370 fps. Impressive but I have always thought fast bow equllys a fast miss. I don’t think a fast bow can make you a better hunter, but a quiet one will.

A friend of mine Ron Eaton from Taggin Out Hunting was filming his wife and he has on film a deer reactin when the arrow touched a hair.He figured the reaction time was a fracration of a second, that is when the arrow touched his hair until he started to react!

Everything makes noise when energy is released, it is the law of physics, we can’t get away from that. What we can is try to make your bow as quiet as possibe. Here are some tips I found by either reading it, tips from my friends and stuff I found on my own.

Wax or Locktite all you accesories that you can. Metal on metal is a big part of the noise. Make sure to use removable Locktite or string wax on you bolts on your quiver, sight pin housing, your rest, etc… this gives a barrier between your bow and the accesory that is on your bow.

If you are a speed freak, make sure that you have a good combonation of grains to your arrow and the bow you shoot. If your arrow is too light the bow might blow up, it is almost like dry firing your bow because the energy that would’ve been absorbed from the arrow will be absorbed in your bow, that could be really bad news,very dangerous and costly. If you have a arrow that is to heavy you will slow it down.

Stealth verus Speed not much of a decision in my opinion. You want to be a ninja in the woods or Usain Bolt?

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Vitamins for the hunter

You need to have the right equipment in the field, practice your weapon of choice and be healthy for a fun experience.
There is nothing worse than planning a hunting or fishing trip and waking up sick, not being able to endure the cold or not being prepared physically and mentally. You can have the top notch equipment and don’t mean a thing if you are not at your full potental.

Here is the list of vitamins and minerals and what the benefits are for us sportsmen.

Vitamin A: Halitosis / Hearing / Immune Function / Skin /Vision
Beta-Carotene: Vision
Biotin: General Health
B Complex:B1 Thiamin, B3 Niacin, B12 Cobolamin, B2 Riboflavin,B6 Pyrodixine Vision / Skin / Jet Lag / Body Odor/ Fatigue / Hearing / Immune Function / Cold Tolerance / Circulation / Prostate / Cognitive Concentration.
Bilberry Vision
Vitamin C: Jetlag / Hearing / Skin/Cold Tolerance / Circulation/Halitosis / Vision / Fatigue / Immune Function /Cognitive Concentration
Calcium: General Health Chlorophyll Body Odor
Copper: Body Odor / Prostate/Vision
Chromium Picolinate: Obesity
Vitamin D: Prostate / Hearing
Vitamin E: Prostate / Immune Function / Halitosis / ColdTolerance / Vision / Circulation / CognitiveConcentration
Folic Acid :Halitosis / Cognitive Concentration / Hearing
Ginkgo: Prostate / Cognitive Concentration / Altitude Sickness Prevention
Ginseng Korean: Fatigue Reduction
Grape Seed Vision
Iron :General Health
Vitamin K: General Health
Iodine: General Health
L Glutathione: Vision
Lutein: Vision
Magnesium: Fatigue Reduction / Hearing Enhancement / Body Odor / Vision
Manganese: Molybdenum General Health
N-A-Cysteine: Vision
Pantothenic Acid: General Health
Selenium: Prostate/Hearing/Halitosis/Immune Function
Zinc: Body Odor/Prostate Immune Function/Vision

I hope this helps you out in the field and general life, if you are healthy you can save those sick and personal days up for hunting and fishing days!

Drive Safe!

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Scent Secrets

Here is a short video about scent control.

Drive safe!

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the Hulk and laundry

My mom always said ” Sugar taste better than vinegar ”

When I was a teenager, I stayed the night at a friend’s house and I woke up and was extremely thirsty I went to the fridge and seen one of my favorite drinks, apple juice. I took a glass out of the cupboard and pour some in a glass. I started to drink it, the cold liquid hit my throat just before I started to quench my thrist, the bitterness hit, I went over to the sink and spit the rest of it out, among whatever was in my stomach.

My body couldn’t take the bitterness of the spoiled apple juice.

Anger is a natural human emotion. Bitterness isn’t because bitterness is not of God. I’ve often heard the cliché, which is so true, that states, “Harboring anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to get sick.”

You’re definitely going to have times where you get angry. Just make sure that the anger doesn’t go unresolved. You can’t afford it – it will immobilize your heart every time. Think through this verse slowly … and notice the three consequences of allowing a bitter root to grow up in you.

“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” Hebrews 12:15

Hey, if you see Bruce Banner, have him read this, it might help him out in his clothing bills…

No person walking the planet is immune to anger. We all encounter it. It’s just one of those areas of life that is unavoidable. Getting angry is one thing. Staying angry is a whole different ball game. The thing about unresolved anger is that it is immobilizing.

Drive safe!

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Hot weather hunting

Last year someone ask me to write a blog on hot weather hunting, as soon as I wrote it a cold snap hit so I shelved it until now, enjoy!

I have to tip my hat to those southern hunters, I simply don’t know how they hunt in extreme heat. Here is some views and observants I have seen.

Deer hunting success during hot weather can be contributed to several factors such as hunter comfort and the understanding of deer habits and needs. The early bow season offers those hunters willing to endure various conditions the chance at taking a nice buck.

Hunter Comfort

The hunter being comfortable plays a major factor during hot weather deer hunting. Being uncomfortable will often result in hunter movement. This will increase the chances of being detected by the deer. The hunter will need to make preparations in controlling the comfort levels.

Since the temperatures are often in the eighties or higher, hunters will need to dress accordingly. A light weight, breathable hunting clothing is needed. This will help reduce the amount of perspiration, which in turn will help with scent control.

Tree stands or blinds to be used need to be placed prior to hunting when ever possible. If early placement is not possible, the hunter should take his time during set up. Again this will help reduce sweating and aid in scent control.

The hunter needs to be prepared for bugs as well. Early deer hunting season is famous for having a variety of biting insects such as flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. There are several scent free bug repellents that are made with the hunter in mind. There are also the mechanical devices that are becoming popular. A good bug suit may also be a suggestion.

Rain is also common during the early deer hunting season. The hunter needs to have a good breathable rain suit. An enclosed stand, ground blind, or a stand umbrella, are all good tools that can be used for rain. Just remember to exit the woods if the rain is accompanied by lightning.

Deer Habits And Needs

The early deer hunting season often provides an abundance of food supplies. Deer are still in their summer time feeding patterns. This is generally made up of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables found in field crops. During this time of the year deer can often be spotted at all times of the day standing in a field.

The warm weather will also require the deer to find water. The deer will need to hydrate several times throughout the day. The deer will take advantage of ditches, creeks, swamps, ponds, lakes, and any other area that holds water.

Hunters can take advantage of these feeding and watering  habits by placing stands or blinds near these areas. A stand in between a food source and a bedding area is ideal. A stand on the edge of a frequently used watering hole will also offer success.

I hope these hot weather deer hunting tips will help for a better chance at success.

Drive Safe!

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The truth about egos

“Hey kid, some good advice
To bring your britches down to size
Some modesty would suit you better
So why don’t you give it a try”  Extreme lyrics for Kid Ego


Now, let go of my ego!

U know I love when people say I am humble and don’t have an ego. I get that alot. Truth is I have one of the healthiest egos around. I claim I have a giant ego, but not to add confusion to the blog I’ll play that an ego maniac has a “big” ego.

First, let me say I try to be humble but the truth is, I am humble because of self-confidence. The ego maniacs or big egos are not-self confident and need constant approval of others.

Furthermore, let me get you straight on something. Everyone has an ego, you need it to be healthy so it doesn’t need to search out for compliments or approval on a hourly basis. Those that have a big ego with an eating disorder that needs constant attention.

So, when we speak of someone having a big ego we usually mean they have a grandiose sense of self-importance. There are several factors relevant in making them so conceited, which relate mainly to their true level of self-confidence. While it may seem as though someone with a bigger ego than others has a high level of self-esteem, in truth, it’s the opposite.

A person who’s really confident has no need to shout about it from the roof-tops, tree stands, duck blinds, bass boats, etc… People with big egos however, feel the need to inform everyone else they’re special, in the hope the idea will rub off. Their frail sense of self causes them to work hard at being thought of as worthwhile, because secretly they fear they aren’t.

I believe people can become under-confident to the extent that their ego increases when they develop a great fear of rejection and abandonment. They try to cover up their fear by acting as-though they are super-confident. Most people who have a huge ego expect undying love and demand respect for this very reason, making having a relationship with them tough at times. Any sniff of possible rejection causes them to recoil in fear and lash out verbally. This form of an invisible emotional shield around themselves for protection. This protection can lead to many people leaving including family, friends and spouses because of the actions or lack their of. Such ego driven emotional armour makes their hard exterior difficult to penetrate. This eases damage control, but also serves to block out love, learning and positive healing experiences they could benefit from. Having a big ego thus becomes a lonely experience in itself. They will try to destroy anyone or anything in their way that will take away any attention that they get. People who have far smaller egos in comparison can range from those who are emotionally well-balanced, to people who’ve turned fears of not being noticed into opposite types of behavior? Low self-esteem can also cause individuals to miss out on life because they don’t take part. An ego makes up for the lack of confidence and the person rejects changes in life or knowledge learned from a mistake.

Drive Safe.

One more thing, one of my favorite verses in the bible, I know I have alot but this one I try to live every day James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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Be Still……..

Another awesome blog by Randy


This past June, me and my family headed north to our little cabin to embark on a deer blind building project.  We spent the weekend working hard on the blind that is now called the TAJ.  The reason is we already have a Hilton.  So anyway, as we spent the weekend working hard, building the blind and our relationships I spotted my brothers hat.  This hat was camo and just above the bill it said Be Still…..  I told him I love your hat, did i ever tell you the story about that?  He said no.  I told my brother remind me later and I will so here it is later and here is the story.   It was a perfect November morning, not too cold, not too hot.  I sat perched 16 feet closer to God once again.  I sat in my stand in the dark praying for a great…

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Articles: The Democratic Party’s War on the Poor

If my brain only worked this good….awesome read!!!!


Articles: The Democratic Party’s War on the Poor.


Drive safe!

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Free T3 broadhead giveaway! is giving away free t3s from G5. I can atest that these broadheads are the real deal. I have killed deer with them and they are dead on everytime! Here is the link to enter.

or click here!

Good luck and drive safe!

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