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New Venture

Well, I have accepted a new project. It is a web channel call Pop. of Zer0. It is going to be a mockumentry about what goes bump in the night. It has a plot but no script, all adlibs around … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror it can’t be me it’s everyone else’s fault

Soap Box time… I had a conversasion with a person that was belly aching that they didn’t have enough money to make ends meet. She was wondering if my church could give her some food. We were interupted by a … Continue reading

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The Enigma of “Up North”

On my way “Up North”, It’s a tradition. Always the 2nd week of August, nothing like it. It is bitter-sweet, it’s usually when I realize summer is winding down and time to start obsessing more than ever about October 1st…BOW SEASON! I … Continue reading

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