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How to get into the outdoor industry

I get emails or direct messages from Twitter or Facebook on how to get into the “outdoor industry”. 1st I want to thank the people up front that asked me, this is more of a hobby than anything. I will … Continue reading

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The truth about egos

“Hey kid, some good advice To bring your britches down to size Some modesty would suit you better So why don’t you give it a try”  Extreme lyrics for Kid Ego   Now, let go of my ego! U know … Continue reading

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No outdoors blog today. I have been bothered by this for a while. Why is everybody so down on Tim Tebow?  Tim Tebow is the ideal role model. The media has exposed his religion and ran with it. Tim Tebow is proud he … Continue reading

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The Best Question Ever?

Check this blog out! The Best Question Ever?.

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This last week my wife and I had an opportunity to get some close friends that live out-of-town on the water. We had 2 small boats availible so we split up, My wife is a great angler and pretty good bass guide on the water we are on, she got me … Continue reading

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2 outta 3 ain’t bad

Let me first say that I am not superstitious, but there is one thing I have never done. I haven’t ever bagged the trifecta in one year. My Trifecta consist of a turkey, a deer and a trophy bass (20 inch or better). I … Continue reading

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Get up!

When men fall down, do they not get up? When a man turns away, does he not return? – Jeremiah 8:4 I was reading the bible this morning and this scripture hit me like a ton of bricks. I have … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror it can’t be me it’s everyone else’s fault

Soap Box time… I had a conversasion with a person that was belly aching that they didn’t have enough money to make ends meet. She was wondering if my church could give her some food. We were interupted by a … Continue reading

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Here are some more of my sayings some I have said made and have stuck with me for years, a couple I received from family and friends that fit my outlook on life. The Mattcave= My home. In honor of the … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves

 I did a little survey and this blog won by a landslide! Thanks to Mike H, Justin K, John M, Eric K, Carrie Z, and Jaime S for choosing this one. I hear it all the time “Matt your such … Continue reading

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