Why is this blog called 6 or 7??

I received a couple of emails, ok a bunch, wondering about the blog name. So I decided to make a page to clear up the confusion.

Some think it is code for a bible scripture, some think it is a back slap to liberals or an opinion on a subject.

Here is what it means.

It  it was a nickname  giving to me and a good friend of mine Rocky when we went to an archery shoot to support  Catch a Dream at a balloon shoot. We’re talking to a guy that said he was ranked 8th in the state. He was all decked out with brand X shooter shirt, with patches and a visor that sported another company. He went on to say he was sponsored by this bow,  pro staff for that release, blah, blah, blah.  Me, I was wearing shorts a t shirt and my favorite camo Detroit Tigers hat and Rock was wearing jeans and a plain white t shirt. Well, we started shooting with him we wear getting board with the 20 yard shot we hit every balloon. So Rock ask the Range Captain if could move a back stop down range to 30 yards. He agreed but the same rules applied. Rocky invited the guy that was just gloating about his status but missed a couple of balloons at 20. Rocky didn’t mean to embarrass the man, he was just seeing if he needed to challenge himself like what we like to do. He promptly declined and said he needed to get home a practice for an upcoming  national shoot at his house, so he left.

Someone must have overhead the pro shooter and said to Rocky and I  “You guys must be 6 and 7, question is which one you are 6 or 7?” We got a good kick out of it then proceeded to shoot balloons and nock hunt when we wanted to get a rise out of each other. We were there to raise money and have fun, we did just that.

Good stuff… It isn’t political, biblical or right sided. It was just a joke between friends because a guy was trying to feed his ego. Someone told me once  “There is someone always better, be humble but always challenge yourself to become better.”  

That’s why the blog is called what it is. I guess the message is no matter what or who you are there is always someone better than you.

Well that day #8 ran into 2 guys from Team D.I.R.T. , and we are only 6 or 7, he would have been in trouble if 2 or 3 showed up!

Drive safe.

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