This is a old story I wrote last year, it can be useful to my new readers. I am really busy working on a new project, will post a new blog soon!

Well I just got back from deer camp, I had a great time with friends. We ate some great food,relaxed, laughed and even took a couple of deer.

I want to write about something most of you, I know I didn’t do until this year and that is texting on your phone while you are hunting.

I know what you’re thinking, texting is for teenagers,right?  <strong>WRONG</strong>!

This is a great tool for out in the field, it is quiet. We used to use walkie talkies, They are loud, they could easy spook game and then if you have someone on your frequency, well, it can be down right annoying. When I was at deer camp my buddy Jason alerted me that a nice 8 point was coming from the southwest over to me. I scanned the area and sure enough I seen him, well his antlers at least, there was a ridge that was blocking me to see him, he did this while there were does in my area. If he would of used the walkie talkie it might have alerted the does and they could of left.

You can also text your buddy if he is in the next county over, or even in a different state to see how he is doing. I do this alot when we aren’t hunting together. It beats playing a hand held game like Yahtzee or read a book to pass the time, because you can pause and scan the field at anytime.

Here are some tips on using your phone in the field:

<em>- Put all your phone settings on vibrate or silent.
– Don’t use your phone in the morning or evening when it is getting dark, the light might alert the game to where you are at.
– invest in those gloves that have a removeable shooting finger or mittens that flip up. It’s hard to text with gloves on.</em>

 I wrote done some texting lingo so you can shorten the conversastion and you can scan the field more:

<em>1. ADN = Any Day Now
2. AYS? = Are You Serious?
3. BBD = Big Buck Down
4. BRB = Be Right Back
5. IDK= I Don’t Know
6. IRL = In Real Life
7. ISO = In Search Of
8. JK = Just Kidding
9. K = OK
10. L8R = Later
11. LOL = Laughing Out Loud
12. MYOB = Mind Your Own Business
13. NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard
14. NP = No Problem
15. NW = No Way
16. OIC = Oh, I See
17. OMG = Oh My Gosh
18. OMW = On My Way
19. POV = Point Of View
20. RBTL = Read Between The Lines
21. STBY = Sucks to be You
22. SWAK = Sealed With A Kiss
23. TTYL = Talk To You Later
24. UT? = You there?
and the best one
25. EGT = Eating Good Tonight!</em>

So ditch those walkie talkies and get some advice from your kids about texting. It will be quieter and it will give you and your kids something to talk about!

I forgot about 1 more acronym, a very important one… <em>ptp</em>= <strong>pass the potatoes!</strong>

<em><strong>***NOTE: it is legal to use electronic devices while hunting game in the State of Michigan. Check  your state’s rules and regulations to verify if electronic communication devices can be used as an aid in harvesting game. It is illegal in many states.***</strong></em>

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