Ruttin’ Review: The Silent Retriever by The nontypical sportsman


Good friend and team member Randy Weaver did a review of a sweet product for all of butterfingers in the woods. Check out his blog at Team D.I.R.T. website he is an incredible blogger.

Ruttin’ Review: The Silent Retriever

The Silent Retriever… What a good concept. I don’t know how many times I have been up in my tree stand and well, you all know what happens next. There goes your warm gloves, your quiver, or even your bow. Now its prime time hunting and something you need is now on the ground. I’m pretty sure most of you have had this happen more than once, I’m here to tell you there is now a solution to this problem. It’s called The Silent Retriever. This new product looks kinda like a fishing lure with a 25 ft multi purpose cord. The way it works is you lower it down quickly and quietly and it hooks to your item to pull it up. When I received The Silent Retriever I could not wait to give it a try. I went out back and placed a few items on the ground. A bow, Pair of gloves, hat, arrow, and binoculars. I hooked the retriever to the multipurpose rope and dropped it down. Quickly I brought up all the items and it only took 30 seconds. I was pleased at how quickly and efficiently it picked everything up. I highly recommend this product to everyone’s backpacks this upcoming season. I haven’t got a chance to try it out but I was thinking if i was ever lost and needed to catch fish this also might be a good item for other survival situations. I know that’s off topic but was just a thought. Go to to check it out and pick one up for your upcoming season. You won’t be disappointed.
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